My little Space Oddity

My life has changed quite a bit in the past year. One of the major contributors to that is the focus of this series of photos: my little (Space) oddity.

Newly arrived here on Earth, this is a photographic depiction of her exploring her new surroundings as she learns what it’s like to be an Earthling.

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Rey is a Solo

This is a huge departure from what I normally use this site for, but I haven’t read a guess at Rey’s (from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) back story, or who she really is.


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FOTR memories

FOTR, or Folk on the Rocks, has always been a highlight of summer for people living in Yellowknife. It brings in a wealth of musical talent from various genres and embraces local and traditional musicians in one of the most unique folk festivals in the world. With near 24 hour sun light, water bombers buzzing crowds in the beer gardens, sand getting into crevices in your body you didn’t know you had, combined with the most laid back atmosphere you could imagine at a concert, FOTR is a wonder to behold.


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Scott and Shawna, a wedding story

I’ve never got to shoot a wedding like Scott and Shawna’s before. For the most part, weddings are magical for their candid moments where people show how much they love each other. I always feel spoiled getting that intimate look into people’s lives on one of the happiest days of their lives. But this wedding, I felt spoiled for much more than that reason. Scott and Shawna are in one of the most entertaining bands I’ve had the privilege to see live, and they were going to do a special wedding concert for all the guests.

©James MacKenzie, James MacKenzie Photo,, wedding

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Giant Star Trails

Star trails in the north can be tricky. The long exposures that are needed to show the rotation of the stars are often blown out by the aurora. Thankfully, with digital photography and Photoshop, we can now use multiple frames to build the star trails without over exposing the photos.


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Nicole Garbutt’s Tin Woman

In September I was asked to partake in photo project organized and imagined by Nicole Garbutt, a make-up artist in Yellowknife. The scope of the project was to create alternate ending to fairy tales and have different photographers capture each scene. I’ve worked with Nicole in the past, and was excited to be part of a project with her. But to have my photos displayed alongside photographers Pat KaneDave Brosha and Tara Marchiori, I was elated. These are photographer’s who inspired me to pursue this career and continue to inspire me. The show was called Once Upon a Painted Wonderland, and was only open to the public for a few days. Here are the photos Nicole and picked as the favourites from the shoot I did:
Tin Woman2 © James MacKenzie

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Snow Castle Aurora

The lure of the ice road, the challenge of setting the camera to the proper exposure before my fingers freeze. Then the creative ways to stay warm while waiting for the aurora to do their thing. Tonight’s warming activity was dubbed “Run Twice Around the Castle”.

The featured photo is of the Snow King’s Par King lot and the ice sculptures that the King and his crew build each winter.

The castle is illuminated by some colourful flood lights. The make getting an exact exposure a little difficult, but it sure looks pretty.

Yellowknife’s aurora and the Snow Castle are the two biggest tourism draws for the capital of the NWT. Photographing them together is something I can’t help but be tempted to do.

Aurora, Canada, James MacKenzie Photo, northern lights, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, NT, NWT, Snow Castle, Snow King, Yellowknife

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