November 2010


Genesta Walz illustrates the high pitch needed to crack a champagne glass with a scream.
I originally broke the glass with a hammer and chisel. And by hammer I mean a big piece of rock. I then carefully glued it all back together then shot it in the studio with a 70-200mm lens to get the proper compression between background and foreground.

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Back in the Game

Tia Hanson is fresh off the scratch list and playing for the SAIT Trojans Women’s hockey team. She had to take a break from playing because of a torn ACL, but is eager to start playing at full strength again.

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Eyes on the Puck

Katelyne Epp, #7 for the MacEwan Griffons, watches as SAIT Trojan #14 Tia Hanson tries to pass the puck after being hooked by Epp. SAIT lost the game 4-2 on Friday Nov. 5, 2010.

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Burning Down the House

The Calgary Fire Department burned down two simulation houses as part of an educational demonstration on Sep. 30, 2010. The houses were the size of the average dorm room, and equipped with smoke detectors. The first house was totally engulfed in flames in two minutes 18 seconds. The second house was equipped with a sprinkler system, and the fire damage was minimal.

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Reverse Tackle

CFL Stampeders

BC Lions #6 Stanley Franks takes Jon Cornish, #9 for the Calgary Stampeders, for a ride after grabbing his jersey to tackle him but couldn’t hold on, Friday Oct 22, 2010. The Lions lost the lead in the game after a good start, but came back to win it by successfully blocking a touch down pass in the last play of the game.

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Stretching to Dig

Presley Mills, #3 for the SAIT Trojans, lunges for a dig during an exhibition game against the Mount Royal Cougars on Sunday Oct. 17, 2010. Mont Royal won 3 games to 0.

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David vs. Goliath

hockey fight

In a David vs Goliath battle, SAIT’s Colin Scherger holds his own against the Briercrest Clipper’s Aaron Frede as the SAIT Trojans host the Briercrest Clippers in the Campus Centre Saturday afternoon, Oct. 16, 2010. The fight started after Scherger leveled a Clipper in front of the Trojan’s bench with a hit that left him on the ground stunned.

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Cooking with Students

Another illustration for the Weal. This was shot in the studio and pieced together in Photoshop. Each item, including the poster was shot separately. Creating the shadows for each item on top of the toaster was the trickiest part of this whole thing. I wanted it to look real, but not be too intrusive.

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