April 2011

If the Shoe Fits

I often read magazines and check out their advertising pages for photo inspirations. This idea stemmed from a men’s fashion magazine, that did an amazing feature on men’s footware.

I really wanted to try a similar type of photo, but didn’t want to plagiarize, obviously. So, I took the elements of the photo that I really enjoyed the most, and then added my own little flare to it.

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Sometimes, you have to break the rules

Sometimes photos don’t work the way you want them to. You have the image pre-visualized, you know the angle you want, the lens, the camera body, everything. Then you see the end result, and it doesn’t work.
But then you take a step back, recompose the shot and you’re surprised at all the lines, and how everything just works.

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Jeans for Every Occasion

Another fashion assignment for school. This one is meant to feature women’s jeans. The talented and beautiful Mireille Potentier modeled the same pair of jeans with five different looks.
After the shoot, I pieced the five different looks together as a composite photo in Photoshop and added the two black bars to give the photo a little more emphasis. It also allowed me a spot for a little extra self-promotion.

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Northern Goalie’s Golden Future

When you come from a place as far north as Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, you are pretty isolated as a hockey player and a lot of players have had to play elsewhere in Canada. SAIT Women’s hockey rookie goaltender, and Yellowknife product, Tehnille Gard, experienced playing hockey in her home environment as well as other places.

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Breaking the Mould


This is a composite photo I did as part of a class assignment to demonstrate men’s casual wear. The main model is Matt Janz, and he was the secondary photographer on the shoot as I forgot my remote trigger in the car.
I used my 5D Mark II with a 24mm lens and two off camera flashes to light Matt. I then used one flash with a blue gel for all the “faceless guys in suits”.
I used a tripod to keep everything consistent, then I pieced it all together in Photoshop with nine different layers.

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Kiprusoff stones Colorado’s Ryan Stoa in the second period, keeping the Calgary Flames’ 3-1 lead at the Scotiabank SaddledomeThursday March 17, 2011, Calgary Alberta.

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Don’t Blink

NAIT Ook goaltender blinked and missed the glove save to stop SAIT’s Tia Hanson from scoring on the powerplay in the second period at the SAIT arena on March3, 2011. SAIT swept the series after not being able to defeat MRU once during the regular season.

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Graffiti Police are Everywhere!

Const. Dave Ladic is making a stand against graffiti artists and asks people in the community to report any graffiti in progress, Wednesday March 23, 2011, Calgary Alberta.

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Gordie and Friends

Gordie Howe and friends celebrate the over 1 million dollars raised through the Calgary Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimer’s hockey game by having a luncheon on Friday March 18, 2011, at the Hyatt Hotel, Calgary Alberta.
Front Row: Perry Berezan, Tiger Williams, Gordie Howe, Dennis Polonich, Warren Skorodinski, Lindsay Carson.

Middle Row: Jim Peplnksy, Morris Lukowich, Lanny McDonald, Marty Howe, Mike Pelyk, Marty Gelinas.

Back Row: Ron Stern, Mark Napier, Dana Murzyn, Joel Otto, Charlie Simmer, Colin Pattesron, Jamie Macoun, Brad Marsh, Marty McSorley.

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Joy and Defeat

These are photos from the final game of the ACAC Mens Hockey Championship with SAIT and Mount Royal University. MRU won the game 1-0, Sunday March 27, 2011, Calgary Alberta.

Tommy Tartaglione gets ready for the final game. He is putting a lot of pressure on himself because of what happened in game three. The puck took a bad bounce on him in overtime and MRU had scored from the far blue line. He had been on his A-Game ever since. But it wasn’t enough.

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