May 2011

Green Sceen Trickery

Chad Perreault, a down hill racer, and I hit up Invemere last weekend to make a video of him doing what he does best.

We still have some more shooting to do for the video, but here is a little tease of what is coming!

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Cloudy with chances of HDR

This past weekend I drove up to Invemere, B.C., to shoot a biking film with a friend (will be posted soon!). It was an all day shoot, and my muscles are still sore from running up and down a mountain with a 35lbs bag on my back.

We weren’t quite finished all the filming when I noticed that we were loosing more and more sun. Not wanting to drive back to Calgary in the dark, we packed it in for the day.

On the way back I took the above photo at the lookout point on the Kootenay Highway (Highway 93). I’m sure that there are hundreds of photos taken here daily. The view is amazing!

I was lucky enough to come across it at sunset, with little slashes of warm light hitting the valley through the moody clouds. It is an HDR photo, shot on my Canon 5D Mark II with my 70-200mm racked all the way out to 200mm. I bracket over five stops at f/6.3.

It has been a wile since I’ve shot landscapes. It is great to have such a wonderful first subject to shoot.

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Building Inukshuks in the Sky

This is a little bit of an older photo taken in the summer of 2010. I had spent a lot of my time driving up and down the Ingraham Trail on weekends taking my dog for walks and scouting for amazing photo locations.
There was this one rock outcrop that over looked Prelude Lake and the sunset. But the view alone wasn’t enough; it needed something more.
A friend photographer of mine, James Miller, and I climbed up there one night an hour or so before the set and built an inukshuk. Not the one pictured above, a tiny one. It was cute and easy to build. It still wasn’t enough.
With the sun sinking faster this late in the summer, we had to act quick.
Grabbing the biggest rocks we could manage to carry between the two of us, we built a five foot tall statue.

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