October 2011

The Northern Life

Living in the North has its perks for sure. In the day to day business of life, a lot of these things can be overlooked or dismissed.

Foxes can be seen all over Yellowknife. People become so familiar with the foxes that live around their houses that they can tell you what their daily habits are. Some have even been named.

A few are so accustomed to being around people they get within a few feet of them. But the fact remains that these are wild animals and will attack if provoked, or see an opportunity to get an easy meal.

Even on cloudy nights, the northern lights come out to play. This amazing phenomena, that happens virtually every night, is one of my most favourite reasons for living in the North. These lights made me want to be a photographer, and they are still a challenge to capture in a unique way.

It is tough trying to convince people to stay up until 4am on a week night to watch them with me though…

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Onesies for Me, Onesies for You

Polar One may not be a household name at the moment, but when Alex MacKenzie’s onesies start mass producing in the next few weeks, you can be sure that college students, campers, basement dwellers, and pj loving people everywhere will be wearing these. I know I ordered mine already!

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The Mourning Flags

This summer has been a very tragic one for the NWT and its Airline community. With three fatal crashes in a few short weeks, spirits have been shaken and our grit put to the test.

Northerners pride themselves on working in some of the toughest conditions in the world, because we are tough people. Never the less, we are tough people filled with sadness at the loss of our family, friends, and co-workers.

A friend of mine, recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, introduced me to a line of thinking that put a silver lining around the dark clouds that have been looming.

There are elements in life that destroy hope, faith, happiness, and love. It is easy to fall pray to this destruction, especially when it is all around you.

My friend encouraged me to create something. When it seems like everything is being torn down, build something.

Create a positive attitude. Create a piece of beautiful art. Create a loving community.

Create something that will last forever.

I made this photo to commemorate my friend lost in the Air Tindi crash on Tuesday.

The flags at half mast is a sign of mourning known to everyone. I burned the edges of the photo to emphasize the bright center. With the flag poles leading the eye directly into that bright spot, it gives the feeling of ascension.

Creating this photo made me feel better. And I know, because we’re tough people of the North, others are creating too.

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