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The Wu Du Wedding

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FOTR memories

FOTR, or Folk on the Rocks, has always been a highlight of summer for people living in Yellowknife. It brings in a wealth of musical talent from various genres and embraces local and traditional musicians […]

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Scott and Shawna, a wedding story

I’ve never got to shoot a wedding like Scott and Shawna’s before. For the most part,¬†weddings are magical for their candid moments where people show how much they love each other. I always feel spoiled […]

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Giant Star Trails

Star trails in the north can be tricky if you plan on doing long exposures. The long exposures that are needed to show the rotation of the stars are often blown out by the aurora. […]

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Nicole Garbutt’s Tin Woman

In September I was asked to partake in photo project organized and imagined by Nicole Garbutt, a make-up artist in Yellowknife. The scope of the project was to create alternate ending to fairy tales and […]

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Snow Castle Aurora

The lure of the ice road, the challenge of setting the camera to the proper exposure before my fingers freeze. Then the creative ways to stay warm while waiting for the aurora to do their […]

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Dead North: Fare

Last weekend I helped a friend shoot his entry for the Dead North competition. The competition is a series of short horror films submitted by film makers across the north and screened at the Snow […]

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NWT SPCA Dessert Gala

[column_one_fourth]The second annual NWT SPCA Dessert Gala was an amazing success, raising over $24,000 for the shelter in just a few hours. I was over joyed to hear that the photo booth that I volunteered […]

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Special Places

Most couples have special places in mind for their formal photos. Shooting in locations where I’m not used to shooting can be both exciting and challenging. I’ve shot a few weddings in Edmonton now, and […]

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The Committed Rock the Top Knight

The Committed, one of Yellowknife’s more popular bands, rocked the Black Knight Pub with their soul music.

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