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Nicole Garbutt’s Tin Woman

In September I was asked to partake in photo project organized and imagined by Nicole Garbutt, a make-up artist in Yellowknife. The scope of the project was to create alternate ending to fairy tales and […]

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Dead North: Fare

Last weekend I helped a friend shoot his entry for the Dead North competition. The competition is a series of short horror films submitted by film makers across the north and screened at the Snow […]

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Northern Trails

I’ve spent a few years playing with long exposures and star trails. The hardest part about shooting them in the North is that when it is dark enough to shoot them, the aurora get in […]

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Making Mountains from Gravel Hills

I was asked to do another Polaronesie shoot, something I’m always happy to do. But this time I was presented with a bit of a challenge. I was asked to make the photos look like […]

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Sunset at the Falls

One of the most visited and photographed locations around Yellowknife is Cameron Falls. I’ve spent many visits trying to find a way to shoot them that hasn’t been seen before.

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A Frosty Morning

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The Mourning Flags

This summer has been a very tragic one for the NWT and its Airline community. With three fatal crashes in a few short weeks, spirits have been shaken and our grit put to the test. […]

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Legislative History

Being a journalistic photographer often times means being prepared to shoot what is around you with what you have at a moment’s notice. Other times it requires months of preparation, organization and even possibly re-shoots […]

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Urban Aurora

I have to thank Pat Kane for sending me the text that got me out of bed the other night. I was half asleep when he told me to look out towards Con Mine. I […]

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Stealing Auroras

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