Standing at Reflection

I was going through my photos the other day and I came across this little gem. I was bored and waiting for the Duke and Duchess to arrive when I saw the reflection of RCMP officer in the small puddle.
Taking a photo of the boots alone wouldn’t have been much of a shot. But seeing the head and torso clearly with a nice shadow leading into it really made this picture for me.

One last thing I have to say about this guy is that he and his partner did their job very well. I was there a little before they arrived. These guys didn’t even flinch until the plane landed and came to a complete stop in front of them. It was raining and miserable out there, but these guys did good.

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The Path Less Travelled

There is a pathway in the City of Yellownife that isn’t included on any of the tourist maps. This is despite it being clearly marked with wooden bridges, and cement markers. Hidden behind the new development of Niven Drive.

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If the Shoe Fits

I often read magazines and check out their advertising pages for photo inspirations. This idea stemmed from a men’s fashion magazine, that did an amazing feature on men’s footware.

I really wanted to try a similar type of photo, but didn’t want to plagiarize, obviously. So, I took the elements of the photo that I really enjoyed the most, and then added my own little flare to it.

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Jeans for Every Occasion

Another fashion assignment for school. This one is meant to feature women’s jeans. The talented and beautiful Mireille Potentier modeled the same pair of jeans with five different looks.
After the shoot, I pieced the five different looks together as a composite photo in Photoshop and added the two black bars to give the photo a little more emphasis. It also allowed me a spot for a little extra self-promotion.

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Breaking the Mould


This is a composite photo I did as part of a class assignment to demonstrate men’s casual wear. The main model is Matt Janz, and he was the secondary photographer on the shoot as I forgot my remote trigger in the car.
I used my 5D Mark II with a 24mm lens and two off camera flashes to light Matt. I then used one flash with a blue gel for all the “faceless guys in suits”.
I used a tripod to keep everything consistent, then I pieced it all together in Photoshop with nine different layers.

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Feature Hunting

As part of my internship at the Calgary Sun, I was often asked to make weather feature photos. Here are some of my favourites from over the month.

Thursday March 10, 2011, Calgary Alberta.

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Gellin’ like McNally

This photo was inspired by Joe McNally’s Gellin’ photo.
This shot almost didn’t happen because of the cold weather, dead batteries, crazies in the alley, and a lighter that was running low on fluid.
Many lessons learned out in the field, but I’m pretty happy with the way it came out in the end.

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Movie Ratings

Movie ratings can surprise a lot of people, and these photos are meant as an educational tool for the uninitiated. I bet you didn’t know you could have nudity in a PG movie…

Rated G

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Genesta Walz illustrates the high pitch needed to crack a champagne glass with a scream.
I originally broke the glass with a hammer and chisel. And by hammer I mean a big piece of rock. I then carefully glued it all back together then shot it in the studio with a 70-200mm lens to get the proper compression between background and foreground.

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Eyes on the Puck

Katelyne Epp, #7 for the MacEwan Griffons, watches as SAIT Trojan #14 Tia Hanson tries to pass the puck after being hooked by Epp. SAIT lost the game 4-2 on Friday Nov. 5, 2010.

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