Fisgard Lighthouse – Now I See the Light

Fisgard Lighthouse in Victoria British Columbia has intrigued me since moving here three years ago. The tall white building with red top and orange side building struck me as an iconic landmark that I really wanted to photograph.

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On Point Victoria Star Trails

Photographing star trails in a busy harbour with street lights and passing cars is exactly the type of challenge that I enjoy as a photographer. I’ve been wanting to shoot some Victoria star trails for a while now, and finally settled on two locations that are ideal for what I wanted: Ogden Point Lighthouse and the Songhees Point totem poles.

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Giant Star Trails

Star trails in the north can be tricky if you plan on doing long exposures. The long exposures that are needed to show the rotation of the stars are often blown out by the aurora. Which is a nice problem to have if you’re prepared, and you can end up with some fantastic results that make your star trails unique. With digital photography and Photoshop, you can now use multiple frames to build the star trails without fear of the aurora over-exposing your frames.


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Snow Castle Aurora

The lure of the ice road, the challenge of setting the camera to the proper exposure before my fingers freeze. Then the creative ways to stay warm while waiting for the aurora to do their thing. Tonight’s warming activity was dubbed “Run Twice Around the Castle”.

The featured photo is of the Snow King’s Par King lot and the ice sculptures that the King and his crew build each winter.

The castle is illuminated by some colourful flood lights. The make getting an exact exposure a little difficult, but it sure looks pretty.

Yellowknife’s aurora and the Snow Castle are the two biggest tourism draws for the capital of the NWT. Photographing them together is something I can’t help but be tempted to do.

Aurora, Canada, James MacKenzie Photo, northern lights, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, NT, NWT, Snow Castle, Snow King, Yellowknife

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Inuvik Igloo Church

The Inuvik Igloo Church has been one of my bucket list things to photograph in the NWT. With this unique angle, I’m happy to give it a big check mark.

I shot this photo on a full-frame camera with a 17mm tilt-shift lens. Starting with my main photo, I then used the shift and rotation of the lens to capture more of the ceiling and painted windows. In all, this is made up of 7 photos.

The result is a unique look at the shape of the room without any of the distortion you would get from a fisheye lens or ultra-wide angle lens.

For more information about Inuvik’s Igloo Church, check out this link:

Igloo Church, Inuvik, James MacKenzie, James MacKenzie Photo, NWT, NT, Northwest Territories, Religion, Catholic, Church

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Catching Aurora

Last night was a great night for aurora photography.
These two photos were taken over a few hours to allow for the star trails to form.


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Northern Trails


I’ve spent a few years playing with long exposures and star trails. The hardest part about shooting them in the North is that when it is dark enough to shoot them, the aurora get in the way.

I knew that I could take multiple photos and then stack them in post processing, but I never knew what the end result would look like until now.

This is a series of 104 photographs shot over 22 minutes on Yellowknife Bay. It is my first attempt at stacking photos like this, but I think it will be my norm from now on. I love the results!

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Sunset at the Falls

One of the most visited and photographed locations around Yellowknife is Cameron Falls.
I’ve spent many visits trying to find a way to shoot them that hasn’t been seen before.

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