Scott and Shawna, a wedding story

I’ve never got to shoot a wedding like Scott and Shawna’s before. For the most part, weddings are magical for their candid moments where people show how much they love each other. I always feel spoiled getting that intimate look into people’s lives on one of the happiest days of their lives. But this wedding, I felt spoiled for much more than that reason. Scott and Shawna are in one of the most entertaining bands I’ve had the privilege to see live, and they were going to do a special wedding concert for all the guests.

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Special Places

Most couples have special places in mind for their formal photos. Shooting in locations where I’m not used to shooting can be both exciting and challenging. I’ve shot a few weddings in Edmonton now, and every time I’m taken to new places by the couple that means something to them.

On this particular day I had to face high winds, rain, glaring sunshine, and a lots of different backgrounds. In other words, it was a lot of fun! Tyler and Alexis were a dream to work with too.

wedding, james mackenzie

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Letting Love Shine

Letting love shine on a day when the rain clouds came right at the end of the service is exactly what Stef and Jay did on their wedding day. They smiled through the light rain and enjoyed the day despite the weather.

Getting married in a vineyard in Southern Ontario’s green belt, they had pictured a sweeping vista of grapes and leaves in the background with open and warm blue skies to compliment it all. Instead they got overcast with scattered showers and I had to improvise.

I had scouted the location out a head of time and found a few sheltered places where the wind wouldn’t be so bad, and I did the best with what was there. Stef and Jay really brightened up the photos with their smiles and attitude.

Wedding, james mackenzie, letting love shine

Letting love shine on a cloudy day, Jay and Stef smile through the rain. Photo by James MacKenzie

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That Loving Look

That loving look, the one where you know two people are meant to be together. When I’m shooting weddings, this is the look I try to capture.
There are a few key moments where you’re almost guaranteed to see it. This first is on the the faces of the bride and groom when they first see each other when the bride enters the room. That long look from across the room filled with anticipation, joy, wonder, love and awe.

Tyler looks lovingly at his soon to be wife as she recites her vows. Photo by James MacKenzie

Tyler looks lovingly at his soon to be wife as she recites her vows. Photo by James MacKenzie

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Long John Wedding in Yellowknife

A long john wedding in Yellowknife. Jeremy and Erin got married today at the snowking’s castle, and I was the lucky photographer they asked to take the pictures. A real honour.

Getting married in a castle made of snow is pretty amazing. Having the entire wedding party dressed in long johns is even better!

It was such a fun, quirky, love filled day! Big congratulations to these two.

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Bubbly Bride

Newly married Elizabeth and Daniel Izzard bask in the shower of bubbles and cheers from friends and family. They were married just after hurricane Earl landed, but they didn’t let the high winds and thrashing rain ruin what turned out to be a picture perfect day.

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