Family Growing: Paynes

The Paynes were getting close to the due date of their second child and wanted to have some family portraits done while mama was looking about to pop.

In fact, she specifically wanted to look as big as she could in the pictures.

We decided to take the photos at MacAuley Point Park, in Esquimalt, because it offers a wide range of different scenery in a fairly condensed space. They requested my favourite type of session where we keep everything candid and I photograph them acting naturally.

Well…. As natural as you can act while someone is pointing a giant lens at you.

family portrait taken at MacAuley Point Park in Esquimalt B.C.
Payne family portrait taken at MacAuley Point Park in Esquimalt B.C.

We spent a little over an hour exploring all the different paths and buildings the park had to offer. I’d give gentle suggestions for poses, but mostly let them do what came naturally.

Their daughter loved running around in the open fields and climbing over the remains of the naval base. And seeing the family dog excited by the same things made for great photos of the two of them.

A photo of a young girl and her dog at MacAuley Point Park in Esquimalt B.C.
Exploring paths together was a highlight for these two during the family portrait session at MacAuley Point Park in Esquimalt B.C.

Giving people a wide variety of shots to choose from is something I strive for. I made sure to capture shots of everyone individually, and mixing up the pairs of people too.

Shooting family portraits is something I really enjoy, and not just because of the great photos I create. It’s seeing how a family laughs together, what their dynamic is and how they communicate that is always so fun to see. Every session is different, and I love it.

The weather and lighting on this day absolutely perfect too. The partially cloudy skies and an unusually warm fall day kept everyone comfortable while providing great lighting for the photos.

I really enjoy how the highlights pop in the photos. I find they add some extra joy to some very happy moments.

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