Fisgard Lighthouse – Now I See the Light

Fisgard Lighthouse in Victoria British Columbia has intrigued me since moving here three years ago. The tall white building with red top and orange side building struck me as an iconic landmark that I really wanted to photograph.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I was able to get photos of it at night.

Fisgard lighthouse at night

Arriving just after the sun set, the sky hadn’t fully darkened and still held some rich blues. I was able to capture the rich colours on the buildings, sky and the grass without over exposing the lights.

Colwood’s famous lighthouse makes an excellent subject in almost any condition though. A favourite photo is of a photo of a young boy with a blue umbrella running along the lighthouse’s causeway.

Fisgard lighthouse during the day

The Fisgard Lighthouse also stands out amazingly well against the mountains. A couple women dressed in historical costumes really adds to the photo too.

Fisgard Lighthouse with people dressed in historical costumes

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