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FOTR, or Folk on the Rocks, has always been a highlight of summer for people living in Yellowknife. It brings in a wealth of musical talent from various genres and embraces local and traditional musicians in one of the most unique folk festivals in the world. With near 24 hour sun light, water bombers buzzing crowds in the beer gardens, sand getting into crevices in your body you didn’t know you had, combined with the most laid back atmosphere you could imagine at a concert, FOTR is a wonder to behold.


The festival is officially two days long. But the day before the gates open, they host a party at multiple venues around town showcasing the artists that will be performing, and building a lot of hype for what’s to come.

WEB-177 WEB-168

The festival itself has five stages that feature all kids of different artist: kids stage, cultural stage, beer gardens, etc…


WEB-256 WEB-310

WEB-193 WEB-198

The beer gardens is famous for drawing huge crowds throughout the day that dance up a giant dust storm.

WEB-246 WEB-430

But that doesn’t mean people aren’t dancing at the other stages too.


Anyway you slice it, there is something for everyone at FOTR. Wether you want to listen to some spoken word, rock out hard, slow dance, or just let the music move you emotionally.

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For more information about the 2016 line up, and to buy tickets, check out the Folk on the Rocks website: FOTR


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