Nicole Garbutt’s Tin Woman

In September I was asked to partake in photo project organized and imagined by Nicole Garbutt, a make-up artist in Yellowknife. The scope of the project was to create alternate ending to fairy tales and have different photographers capture each scene. I’ve worked with Nicole in the past, and was excited to be part of a project with her. But to have my photos displayed alongside photographers Pat KaneDave Brosha and Tara Marchiori, I was elated. These are photographer’s who inspired me to pursue this career and continue to inspire me. The show was called Once Upon a Painted Wonderland, and was only open to the public for a few days. Here are the photos Nicole and picked as the favourites from the shoot I did:
Tin Woman2 © James MacKenzie

Tin Woman4 © James MacKenzie Right from the start of the shoot I was giddy. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Nicole when she told me the concept of the shoot was Tin Woman in the junk yard. Then I saw the makeup job she did, and couldn’t wait to get started. It was a partially cloudy late morning, and the temperatures were hovering a little above zero celsius. We had the whole junk yard to ourselves, and we spent a little over an hour shooting. I shot most of these with one off camera flash through a soft box and used the sun as a second light. The model, Sadetlo Scott was a dream to work with. She fully embraced her character of the Tin Woman in the junk yard, and was fearless in using the environment around her. I remember looking at my LCD screen during the shoot and being amazingly happy with each shot. Never have I had so much difficulty narrowing down what photos I wanted to use. Check out more of Nicole’s work here:

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