Vegetable Ship Sails at Yellowknife NACC

Just had the immense pleasure of photographing the delightful play The Vegetable Ship, as portrayed by the Kestrel Puppet Players at NACC in Yellowknife.
This kid friendly play has a giant repertoire of food puns, action, adventure, and an ending that will make you wonder what lurks in the deep waters of Great Slave Lake.

Here is more detail from NACC’s webpage.

The play, The Vegetable Ship, is written by home-grown talent, Kira Hall, and based on the poem written by veggie eater, prospector, sailor, and friend Ken Frew. In this fish tale, there is a fish, a huge fish with an enormous appetite who is terrorizing the waters of Great Slave Lake. There is only one man to save the day, that man is Captain High n’ Fibre! Okay, there is also a smart dog named Ruffage and a crew of veggies that help too. This tale takes you from the garden patch to watery landmarks to floating icebergs (lettuce that is) with swash-buckling antics, sea shanties, and really bad tuber jokes. And, we can’t forget the boat, a boat beyond imagination ‘cause it is made completely of… vegetables! So, strap on your life jacket and be prepared to be deluged in fun and of course, you guessed it vegetables! – See more at:

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