Victoria Royals – Roar With Us

Victoria Royals just closed out their regular season. They placed second overall in their division and a heading to the WHL’s playoffs.


Over the past few months, I had my lens pressed to the glass covering their games for Victoria News. This collection of photos are some of my favourites from their awesome regular season performance.

Lets start with the Victoria Royals’ netminder: Griffen Outhouse.

Griffen Outhouse makes a huge save as the Victoria Royals' netminder crease is filling with both defenders and attackers.
Victoria Royals Goalie, Griffen Outhouse, is scored on.
Griffen Outhouse, goalie for the Victoria Royals, celebrates a goal on the opposing team.

Outhouse is one of the biggest reasons the Royals have made it to the playoffs this year. He’s one of the best goalies in the league, and I’ve never seen him lose his composure on the ice.

Goalie Break

While we’re talking about goalies… Lets take a quick break from the Royals to feature some of my favourite goalie photos from the WHL. I love a good goalie photo!

OK. wasn’t that great? Goalies are awesome. No other player feels as much pressure as they do when it comes to the outcome of the game. They are the last line of defence. And you can bet the goalie showdowns happening in the playoff are going to be fierce.

Who else to watch for

Another entertaining player on the team is #34 Kaid Oliver. This guy scores goals, gets in fights, and makes great heads up plays. But the best thing he does is this hair flip thing.

It happens too many times to count. It goes like this: He loses his helmet in practically every game. I think it’s intentional. He doesn’t just use his hand to get his hair out of his eyes though. Nope. He does a full on hair whip to get it out of his eyes. It’s hilarious.

Victoria Royals player Kaid Oliver rushes the net to push the puck past the goalie
Victoria Royals' Kaid Oliver celebrates a goal

Alas, I’ve never been able to catch it on camera. Maybe next year.

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