Walter Makes Things Special

Walter Girrior has a fantastic sense of humour. This photo of him at Cameron Falls, NWT, has taken on a bit of a legendary status.
This is how it all came to be.

Almost two years ago, a friend and I started an ambitious photo project where we wanted to do a shoot of each colour in the colour wheel. She made all of the costumes herself from curtains she bought at Wal-Mart and other odds and ends, and posed for the photos too.

We shot “Yellow” at Cameron Falls, and I was immensely happy with how they turned out.

Cameron Falls, Yellow, NWT, Yellowknife, fashion

Walter saw the photos, and loved this one in particular. He joked about how funny it would be if a big guy like him got dressed up in the same costume and posed the same way, but was eating a Big Mac at the same time.

I thought it was a brilliant, and called him on it.

We quickly recreated the look from the previous shoot, costume and all. The men fishing across the river got a good show and little more than they bargained for, I think!

We spent the rest of the day taking pictures of the Big Mac in various poses around the falls, that were leaked on Twitter and Facebook with the tag line “What makes your Big Mac special?”

Then the big reveal: Walter in all his Big Mac eating glory, and the line “This is what makes my Big Mac special.”

The image quickly became one of the most shared and viewed photos I ever posted to the internet.

Walter Girrior, Burger, Cameron falls, NWT, Yellowknife, awesome

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